Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Economic War

An Economic War has begun. If it hasn't effect you yet. It will.

Do your recall this adages? "Divide and conquer" or "Together we stand, divided we fall." This may go back to my high school years.

I now encounter indifference and denial. "If its not happening to me, then I don't care." "My belly is full." "That is your problem, not mine."

There is a story today on the front page of the St. Petersburg Times. State Farm will drop 1.2 million Florida property insurance policies. This too is causing a shock wave to pass though 1.2 million property owners. Some of you will think, "That is your problem, not mine."

The Economic War will find it's way into your life too via the phone, mail, or my someone standing on your front porch. It will come from all directions, even from foreign countries.

"Together we stand, divided we fall."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If you lose your teaching contract and ability to pay your Macy's card, then this is what is waiting for you.

Mike sent this to me. He works in credit and collection at Macy's. I would change his behavior, if I could.

People have to learn to not be lax & let their debts slide. A Due date means that the Date it is due it must be paid back . Companies are not in business to bankroll the public. When I have a due date, I pay it weeks earlier. I sent in a payment on my Master Card once that got there late. I didn't blame Master Card for my late fee. I told myself, that I had better do it right next time because I didn't like paying the late fee. People are habitually late. If my employer doesn't pay me on the date my paycheck is due, I'm pissed off. If you give a grace period, than the situation doesn't change. They think the due date id just 5 days later.
People are irresponsible. They give excuses like that they were out of town & couldn't pay the bill on time. Being out of town is no excuse for not paying your financial responsibilities. They could pay on the company web site, they could pay by phone, they could pay at a cash register at any Macy's store anywhere in the United States. They can mail a check from anywhere.
If I'm going on vacation, I pay my bills before I go, or accept that if I am late, I will have to pay the extra charge for being late.
Companies need to quit kissing customer's asses. If they are dead beats that don't take their responsibilities seriously, then cut them loose. Customers like that just cost a company money. Companies are stretched thin by these people that expect a free ride on the back of the corporations. The money lending game is tightening up. Late fees are going up, interest rates are going up, minimum payment requirements are going up, open to buys are shrinking & vanishing. The dead beats will be weeded out that way.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Consequences of Budget Cuts

There will be some of us that will lose our income because of budget cuts. We made financial commitments before we new that economic forces beyond our control would have a negative effect on us. The follow gives you a glimpse into what is looming in your near future.

I received this from Mike M. who works in credit and collections for Macy's.
This has nothing to do with me. It is about Macy's. My concern is that the transfer calls coming in from the Indian call centers are growing in number every day. The Indians now handle Visa too which they didn't a year ago the collections department has all but completely moved to India. I don't worry if they close their less profitable stores. They have over 800 stores and if they cut 20% of them, which are dead wood anyway, I don't worry. They have been around for over 150 years and are the strongest department store in existence. They have acquired too may stores too fast and have to close some. I'm not worried about them going out of business. I am worried that the part of their business I work in will not be in the United States for long.

Those Indians are intense and they really piss off customers. The company considers that business they lose to be mostly deadbeat customers that do not want to pay for what they buy.

Macy’s management thinks that the small cost of having collections done in India will offset the business lost by offending American customers.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The consequences of texting

The following post was copied from Macy's Yahoo message board.

my 40 staf where lawoff this week in short hills nj bloomd///they cutting all over and if this econimy starts,,this are the stocks that will move if dows goes up m will fallow

There are over 12 errors in this sentence.

It is not fair to conclude that these errors are the consequence of texting with a devise like a Blackberry. Some them would be. Others have another explanation.

This person appears to be a Macy's employee. Seems like they would not be qualified to be employed by Macy's. Whatever the case; something is seriously wrong.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama

Hi Shen,

I hope you watched Barack Obama's inauguration. It was an important event for all of us. Now there is hope that he will help us solve problems that were otherwise impossible to solve.

We are struggling here with problems caused by people who's decisions in the past created a predicament for us now living here in Holiday. Back 50 years ago my a community developer with a master plan. In the short run it created profits and cheap housing for the first wave retirees. Now the little houses are beyond their intended life span a the situation appears hopeless.

I'm sure you have your won set of problems that seem to be insurmountable. Without knowing the details, I can safely state that the probable are insurmountable. However, if you can comprehend the source of a problem, you can understand your predicament. That is some consolation.

President Obama will not likely help us at our level. It is up to us to do the best we can with cards we have be dealt.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Golden Rule

I began thinking about The Golden Rule a few days ago. It’s something that I was first taught when I was a Sunday school student in Edenville, MI. Later, it would occasionally be a subject of discussion on the long school bus ride to Midland High School. Then, it would gradually fade from my consciousness to resurface a few days ago.

The Golden Rule has been replaced with:

1. Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)
2. Zero Tolerance (ZT)
3. Do unto others before they can do it to you. (Preemption)
4. It is better to be feared than loved.
5. Intimidate, Dominate and Control (IDC)
6. The Rule of Law

Perhaps the Law of the Jungle should be added to this list. This may be what is controlling the behavior of humans in a city like New York.

I did not explain The Golden Rule because those that understand it do not need an explanation. Those that do not, will wonder what it is.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Freedom of the Press

The Freedom of the Press is in jeopardy. Not because a political group wants to removed it; one that hates the press and wants to control it. If it were the case, it would be easy to point a finger at the threat and counter it. However, when it is the collective action of millions of non-readers and readers that will not buy a newspaper, it is almost impossible to counter.

Apparently, it is the collective unwillingness of readers to buy a newspaper that is destroying the publishers.

This link will give you the details.

Do you get a daily newspaper? If you don't, then you are part of the problem.