Monday, October 27, 2008

Give a special Christmas gift to a teenager.

The book should have a hardcover and be one that the teenager should read. Somewhere in the back 2/3 of the book tape a check for at least $20. Give the Christmas present and then wait for the check to clear. In the mean time, ask questions about their reading experience. Say nothing about the check to anyone.

When Christmas comes around next year and the check still hasn’t cleared, ask them if you can see the book. Tell them about the check if they can’t find the book. Christmas can be fun for you too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mike wrote this too.

It has come to pass. America marches forward.

Many years ago. I think it was 1965 in the Spring. A google search would tell me because it was the year of the civil rights march in Selma, Alabama. I was a freshman in college that year; that is how I personally remember the year. My American Literature professor was gone for a week to march in the voter registration drive in Selma, Alabama that has become a monumental time
in the coming of age of this great nation.

When he returned, he told us of the Right Wing resistance encountered by the Freedom Crusaders by the All American cretins they encountered. One story sticks in my mind. He said he needed to use a restroom as they marched through the area. He went into a bar where he was refused service (he was White, but Rednecks didn't like him helping to "rile up the N-gg-r") He needed to use the bathroom, so he lied and said he was with the FBI. The bartender let him use the bathroom. As he walked past, he heard a Redneck Southern American with a drawl say "Shit!!! Now they even have Jews in the FBI"

The American backwards thinking was that if you gave "N-gg-r" the right to vote, (as the Rednecks throwing rocks at the marchers yelled) "...we'll have N-gg-r mayors,
N-gg-r judges, N-gg-r Governors, etc." Well, now you backwards people can REALLY shove it up your asses.

We are about to have our first N-gg-r President. Somehow, I see the Freedom Marchers
that have left us smiling up there in Heaven.

by Mike Mirra

Mike, math teacher, voted early.

I am proud to say that this morning I exercised my
right as an American to cast my vote to move America
forward, to end the War Crime in Iraq, to resume the
War on Terror, to eliminate tax breaks for the wealthy,
to help insure that there is no extra drilling for oil
& destruction of what is left of Earth's natural treasures.
I voted to put science back into the schools. I voted to
have someone putting open minded judges with some
brains on the Supreme Court. I voted to help everyone
get adequate health care. I voted to help stamp out
the Godless nature of Conservatism with it's small
minded fanaticism against blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, gays,
people that think, etc.
I voted to bring America out of the dark ages.
I voted to move America into the 21st Century.
I voted to pass the torch to a new generation of
I cast my vote this morning, proudly, for Barack Hussain Obama.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The financial crisis is not the student's fault.

The source of the financial crisis is adult decisions. They are adults who where educated by the American education system. A system that was evolving in the 70’s into a system that created the current adults that made the decisions that caused this massive problem. We thought we were creating a better education citizenry that would thrive during the 21 century. We didn’t.

What we created is a generation of religious effected adults who place a high priority on recreation. For many, religion is their highest priority. CNN reported: Maybe We Should Blame God for the Subprime Mess.,8599,1847053,00.html?cnn=yes

Then there is the set of adults that give organized religion a low priority, but still believe in God. You can see them setting in the stands on Saturday and Sunday. There millions of Joe six-packs can be seen with their friends. If not there, then they are home or in a bar with friends watching and drinking beer. It is the value system and decisions of these people that have caused this financial mess. And, it is professional eduators that failed to have a positive effect on their student’s value system that could have prevent the decisions that caused this crisis. Now that it has happened, the solution is the responsibility of the American education system to correct it.

I did my part. I brought it to your attention. I think very few educators will read this, fewer will discuss it with fellow members of the Eduation profession, and still fewer will do anything effective to correct this.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

SOHO - Solar and Heliopheric Observatory

A link to SOHO from was added because of the importance that the Sun is to our existence. We would not be here without the Sun. Most of us are in denial mode regarding the Sun’s importance and its impact on us. That doesn’t work. Ignorance is not a solution however understanding based on scientific research is what we need.

To mention just one factor, each of us has a reflex that prevents us from looking directly at the Sun. Even a baby will look away or shut its eyes rather than look directly at the Sun and for good reason. Looking directly at the Sun for only a short time will damage the retina.

I’m not going into the importance of the Sun and its impact on us any further. It’s enough for me to reference its importance and to put a link to SOHO on You do the rest.