Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pornography on the Internet

Hi Stephen,

The way I understand it is this:

Porno sites want to get traffic and be found on search engines. In an attempt to increase their traffic they build links to respectable sites such as When search engines index their sites, they find legitimate links and this helps them to get better rankings and therefore more traffic and revenue. Unfortunately search engines like Google still haven't implemented any time of full block on porn (although they do have some parental control preferences); I guess that would be a question of censorship. Even with parental filters, my kids occasionally end up finding inappropriate images. I remember a few years ago my daughter was doing a project and movies at school and she was looking for a picture of "Babe" (the family movie about a pig) - well you can imagine the type of images that came up under the term "babe".

You may be right about pornography though; in most European countries, regular TV has porno channels and they have a completely different view than most North Americans.


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Hi Lorenzo,

I did a Google search using keywords: anti-pornography. The only large institution taking a position against it is the Mormon church. That surprised me. Perhaps my first look at this has given me the wrong impression. I'm thinking that there isn't much social pressure against pornographers. I always thought there was until now.

Many years ago gambling was illegal in Florida. People were even being arrested for social gambling in their homes. Then gambling was legalized. Florida now has a lottery and a small percentage of the revenue is used to support education.

Do I understand this correctly? The porn referrers are directing visitors to This doesn't seem like something they would do. It is more logical to me that they would be using to expose their sites to students, parents and educators. What do you think they are doing that causes them to be listed as a referrer?

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for sending over the updates yesterday and today; I have spoken to a few of my contacts and their opinions are not overly positive. My one friend who works for a Broadband ISP company says that it is very difficult to track where the traffic is coming from if it is outside of Canada or the USA. Most of these sites are actually hosted in Asia and Africa, so that they are immune from the law. Even if you could track the location, they usually change servers every few months and relocate as well. Another contact involved in police work says that the FBI or Interpol would have to be involved, but they only do so at the request of local police and usually only if it involves Child Pornography. Finally, a lawyer friend of mine said that he knows of no lawyer that would take on this type of work, or would only do so once the police arrested someone and they could file a civil or business lawsuit.

I'll keep looking for options; a few years ago this happened to, and it took about 18 months for it to stop. Since then, there have been no further attacks, so it could be they randomly pick sites that are legitimate to obtain traffic and profit for their illegal businesses.

Let me know if you have further suggestions.

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Hi Lorenzo,

The visitor count is continuing to increase.

The negative referrals are going to persist for a long time. I made two contacts here for legal service. One was with a legal referral service. There hasn't been a positive response yet. If I cannot find assistance here and you fail to find someone, then I'll present this situation to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations). However, if I do that, all punitive damages that we might receive will be forfeited.

I'm thinking that the nefarious referrals are having a negative effect on the visitor count and consequently advertising revenue. I'm also wonder what the nefarious referrer's motives might be.

We don't know if this is just annoying students, adults or organizations with an agenda: possible a combination representing many motives.

If we handle this correctly, this could be a financial windfall.

Keep me advised of your progress.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Nefarious Referrals to

It has been brought to my attention that there are links that appear to be to from websites and email that contain a virus or pornography. You should not click on these links. If you want to go to, then go directly there using http// or use any other trusted path.

Here are a few that I trust: Google, SavingTeachersMoney, TheEducatorsNetwork, AOL, MSN, Yahoo.

It is very important to have virus protection software. I use Norton and I keep it current.