Wednesday, July 06, 2011

If you cannot write in cursive, then you are defective!

Who still writes in cursive?  I do and if you don't, then I think that there is something defective about you.

That age-old writing method you might never have used since fourth grade will no longer be taught in Indiana schools come fall, thanks to a memo from school officials. Instead, students will be expected to become proficient in keyboard use.

Seems like a smart move as being able to type efficiently is a vital skill in today's world, as opposed to knowing how to write cursive, which — like being able to churn butter and knowing how to hitch a horse to a wagon — is no longer needed.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

New Florida Laws Went Into Effect on July 1.

Several new laws designed to advance alternatives to traditional public schools also will go into effect July 1.
  1. One (HB 7107) directs the Department of Education to expand online learning options and require students who enter high school this fall to take at least one virtual course before they graduate.
  2. Another (HB 1329) expands an existing voucher program that lets disabled students attend private schools at taxpayer expense to children with afflictions such as allergies, asthma and diabetes.
  3. A third (SB 1546) offers more training and technical assistance to charter schools and longer contracts and other benefits to those with high performance ratings.
  4. Another education-related law (SB 228) is designed to prohibit students from wearing "droopy drawers" but requiring school districts to pass dress codes that prohibit the wearing of clothing in a revealing or disruptive way.