Sunday, September 10, 2006

We Created the Educator's Blog for You.

I'm Stephen Lyons and I'm the moderator. This blog is your opportunity to meet other teachers. Perhaps, you may even meet a student or parent from another country.

Think about this. Educators come here from everywhere on Earth from For example, most educators that use live in America, as I do, but a large percentage of them live in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand.

What will you write? You could begin by introducing yourself. I posted a picture of my dance teacher. You'll find more about me from my profile. You could include a picture of yourself, your students or a picture of your favorite teacher. You could ask a question.

To post, look above in the blue header. There you will find 'BlogThis'. Click it. What to do next will be obvious.

Post often, practice and have fun.

Warm regards,


Arline Winerman is my dance teacher. We dance at Dancers Rendezvous, 4445 East Bay Drive, Clearwater, FL 33764. Come dance with us.