Thursday, May 28, 2009

I watched 'W' at the Lime-n-Coconut

Hi Mike:

I watched 'W' at the Lime-n-Coconut; yes, it is a movie. One that everyone should see because of the connection between one person's behavior [George W. Bush] and the consequences that we all now suffer. This would have all been prevent if Yale's admission officer and the President of Yale had denied 'W' admission to Yale. There was a novel written about those fate full days when George Bush senior was pressuring Yale administrators: A Man in Charge by Morris Philipson. They didn't stand their ground and here we are now.

You might think that this has not much to do with education. But it does. It is about high education's failure at the highest level. 'W' wanted us to think that he was the education president. If that was the case then the would be interested in financially supporting My request for financial assistance resulted in being investigated and attacked by the IRS. It was six months of Hell.

'W' is a movie that we should all see; perhaps, several time over several years. We must learn that we should never elect someone like 'W' to be our president again.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preying on Teachers

I began thinking about this because of water restrictions that prohibits us from watering lawns and washing our cars. I like to keep my truck clean. Leo told me that the washing ban didn’t affect him because he never washes his car and his son refuses to do it. The son is the one that is a potential problem for us that want to wash our car. That gets me to Chris Elmore.

Chris when he was a freshman at Delta College wanted to be the sheriff of Midland County, at first, I was willing to help make that happen until I found out that he harbored a need to settle a vendetta against teachers. Chris had been the class clown when he was in high school; consequently, he was disciplined frequently and that created a need for revenge. Becoming a cop or the sheriff would give him the power to settle the score.

He disclosed to me that he planned to watch for teacher leaving school at the end of the day and arrest them for traffic infractions. After finding that out, I stopped assisting Chris. I didn’t want to be his friend and I didn’t want to help him succeed. I doubt if he graduated from Delta College and hopefully he did not become involved in law enforcement.

We like to think that our students love us or at least respect us. Perhaps 1-5 percent of them have negative memories about their school experience. The percentage could be higher. When they become adults and the table is turned, don’t expect anything positive from them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Report: 43 kids got zapped others were tear gassed

Hi Maria,

If someone had told me that this could happen, I would not have believed them. But it did happen during Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. There they were stun gun zapped and tear gassed. They apparently wanted them to know what their parent do as a part of their work. This would never happen in my country.

This event was reported in the May 16th, 2009, St. Petersburg Times. This is the link to the news story.


Thursday, May 14, 2009 changes

Dear Blog Readers:

I hope you noticed the changes I made to It seems that I made a million of them. I clicked so many times that my right hand became numb. Many of them were very small and out of sight: a pixel here, a pixel there and many code changes. Then I had to change the changes until I got it just right.

The navigation bars have been changed. That is the change that should be most visible. It took three long days. I hope it is noticed.