Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Scientific American Mind January/February 2014

Scientific American Mind January/February 2014 Speak for Your Self by Ferris Jabr Taking Early Aim At Autism by Luciana Gravotta Hi Lorenzo, The current issue of Scientific American Mind contains information that I should have learned many years ago. It was not a possibility because it was not available when I was being formally educated at CMU. My college professors could not teach me what they do not know. Perhaps, they didn’t know because the research had not been completed and publishes at that time. It has now and the knowledge that is contained within the above articles is so important that I have read them multiple times. I suggest that you do the same. Where I live is in dynamic flux. Ronald, a Canadian friend that has lived in the house behind mine for many years is selling and moving back to Canada. Brenda, my neighbor living next to me is moving soon to Baton Rough. I doubt if she will be back. Even the weather is in a state of flux: too cold, too warm, too humid, too windy, too foggy and too wet. I wonder in the morning what is going to happen next. I recently figured out the cause of my skin problem that I have on the back of my hands. It happened when a veterinarian diagnosed a spot on the back of Flounder’s neck as ringworm. I have now for over two months been putting Athlete’s Foot Cream on Flounders spot and on the back of my hands. I now know the primary cause of my fungus problem. It is Florida’s hot and humid summers. I will solve that problem too. I own a Husqvarna chainsaw and would cut your fallen tree into firewood for you in the spring if you were no so far away. Stay warm, there are only a few more months until spring. Stephen