Sunday, November 30, 2008

Disney accused by Catholic cleric of corrupting children's minds

Disney accused by Catholic cleric of corrupting children's minds. Yes! Yes! Yes!

A leading Catholic cleric has launched a fierce attack on Disney, claiming it has corrupted children and encouraged greed.

By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Religious Affairs Correspondent

I witnessed several time when visitors from Michigan would be here. My effort to persuade them to go to MOSI [Museum of Science and Industry] was always superseded by Disney World. The person that made the decision to go to Disney World at the time was the director of Math for the Traverse City school system. Her husband was a member of the school board.

Art Appreciation and Social Class Assignment

Thesis: The appreciation of art or the lock of it is another indication of an individual’s social class.

Sociologist assign individuals to a social group based upon the individual’s characteristics: age, sex, race, education level obtained, University alma mater, profession, and income attainment method. Art appreciation could also be used to assign an individual to a social class.

Both George Inness and George Innes Jr. lived near me in the the winter. I appreciate and respect what they have created and would like to follow in their footsteps. Leepa also lives here and has one of his painting displayed at the Lime-N-Coconut here in Tarpon Springs. I think the painting looks like someone had given a monkey paint and a brush to splash on a board. Then Leepa sign it. It says alot about Leepa and also about the people that appreciate what he did.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

SOHO - Solar and Heliopheric Observatory

1. When are there many sun spots?
2. When are there few or no sun spots?
3. What is solar minimum?
4, What is solar maximum?
5. What effect does the Sun have on our weather?
6. Why is the Sun called a variable star?

These questions and their answers are important to all of us because they give us insight into the effect our star has on us. We are now frequently told about global warming and they want us to think that the primary cause is human activity. I'm not one to cause you to think that our human activities do not have a global effect. I'm sure that they do. However the effect of the Sun has a greater effect.

The lack of sunspots over many months or years indicate that we are in solar minimum. You cannot count sunspots without expensive technology, but you do have SOLO and you can get to SOLO quickly from From there, you can safely see the Sun and count sunspots. I suggest that you and your students do it frequently and answer the about questions. These questions lead to other valuable insights.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I just saw it again.

I just saw a 10-12 year-old boy walk by my house with his parents following. "No problem" you would say until you know what I know about this situation. The boy is normal in his behavior and build. The problem is that the boy lives in Chicago and should be going to school in Chicago. Which he would be if his father valued being in Florida more than his son's education.

The father looks like someone in his 50's. However, he has the demeanor of a city street thug. He reminds me of a school bully. Making is stranger is the fact that he was the service manager in a Cadillac dealership. He may not be now considering his age and state of the auto industry unless he earned lots of time off from his job to travel to Florida.

The bottom line is this. The boy is not being educated and my school system doesn't care because the boy is considered to be a citizen of Illinois.

I'm not going any further then writing about this situation one time. To do any more would risk being told that it's none of my business.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

George Kirikos wrote this.

I agree, there are lots of terrible role models out there. I prefer the role model of Warren Buffett, who is very humble and not flashy.Paul Newman was wonderful too. I used to have a bunch of clients in the banking industry (as that's what my first company and my own academic training were focused), and indeed they didn't deserve any bailout -- they had only their own greed to blame for their downfall, and the taxpayers shouldn't pay for any part of their foibles.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Your pants are falling down!

What to you say to your student who's pants are falling down? I saw a high school girl wear pants several sizes too large wear bright under wear under them. When she responds to your admonition to pull up your pant, will likely respond quickly by pulling up her pants. You know what gravity does moments later.

The most significant thing about this event was not that the student's pants were too large and likely to fall unexpectedly. It was that it was a girl copying boys behavior. Another part of this is that this was the second inadvertent observation of the same girl. Yesterday she and a friend were playing in the street. A pick-up passed. At that moment the girl yelled, "I want a baby." Add these two events together and what do you get?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Nazis: A Warning from History

RE: The Nazis: A Warning from History, DVD, on 2 disks.

I learned from watching The Nazis: A Warning from History that Hitler mandated that Jews be prohibited from having a public school education. The purpose was to disenfranchise Jews from German society destined to become the under-class and then exterminated.

Here in America students exercise their free will and dropout of school. The rate is higher in different parts of America, exceeding 50% of the students that begin their public education path dropout before graduating. Yes, this set of citizens has inadvertently chosen to be disenfranchised and a member of the under-class, consequences for the individual and American society abound.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Yes, this is a somber time.


Yes, this is a somber time. Just in the past two weeks, I have been
told by my advertising agency contact that most of their clients have cut
back between 20%-75% of their spending on advertising. I guess companies
figure the consumer won't buy any products or services now, so why waste
money on advertising to an unwilling audience. Google is likely seeing the
same kind of cutbacks. With this will come more layoffs, more unemployed,
less consumer confidence, lower home prices and fewer people who can afford
anything? I saw a story on the news last night about dozens of workers in
Ohio who actually have a job, go to work each day, but then spend the night
in the street/camping as they can't afford housing!

I hope I'm wrong, but I believe no matter who gets elected President next
week; it will take many years to get the economy back to health!